Upgrading the OpsDash Smart Agent
The Current Version
The latest version of OpsDash Smart Agent is v1.5.1, released on 21-Feb-2019. You can see the Change Log below. Packages can be downloaded from: https://packages.rapidloop.com/downloads/. For initial installation instructions, see Getting Started.
Before Upgrading
You should backup the agent configuration file at /etc/opsdash/agent.cfg before upgrade. You can do this by:
sudo cp /etc/opsdash/agent.cfg /etc/opsdash/agent.cfg.old
Upgrading from APT or YUM Repositories
If you installed the OpsDash Smart Agent from APT or YUM repositories, you can upgrade using standard package manager commands:
# from APT repository for Debian/Ubuntu
sudo apt-get install opsdash-smart-agent
# from YUM repository for RHEL/CentOS/AmnzLnx
sudo yum update opsdash-smart-agent
Note that the command verb for apt-get is install, even though an upgrade is performed.
Upgrading from .rpm/.deb Packages
You can use the following commands to upgrade from a downloaded package:
# for Debian/Ubuntu
sudo dpkg -i opsdash-smart-agent_1.5.1_amd64.deb
# for RHEL/CentOS/AmnzLnx
sudo rpm -Uhv opsdash-smart-agent-1.5.1-1.i686.rpm
Configuration File
If the newer version of the OpsDash Smart Agent has an update to the configuration file /etc/opsdash/agent.cfg (for example, there are more configuration options), then the package manager will usually prompt you for a decision on whether to replace the existing file or not. If you are not interested in the newer options, you can retain your existing configuration file. The package manager will usually place the new configuration file also alongside the old one. You should compare the versions and see if there is anything in the new one that interests you.
Restarting the Agent
If required, you can restart the agent using:
sudo service opsdash-agent restart
Change Log
v1.5.1, 21-Feb-2019:
  • Bug fixes.
v1.5, 8-Dec-2017:
  • HAProxy integration added.
  • Minor bug fixes.
v1.4, 31-Oct-2017:
  • Docker integration added.
  • PHP FPM integration added.
  • "Server Information" support added.
  • Support for PostgreSQL 10.
  • General improvements and bug fixes.
v1.3, 20-Mar-2017:
  • Support for disallowing negative values in graphs (like CPU Usage etc.).
  • Fix for the disk usage metric sys.fs.bytes.used which inadvertently included superuser-reserved disk space also.
  • Nginx and Apache services now report data continuously.
  • General improvements and bug fixes.
v1.2, 16-Feb-2017:
  • Better support for Elasticsearch, including SSL, authentication and 5.x versions.
  • Fixes for MongoDB connection closing.
  • Better NFS volume support.
  • General improvements and bug fixes.
v1.1, 7-Dec-2016:
  • Public beta release.
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