Quick Start - Windows
The OpsDash Smart Agent is available for Windows as an installer that you can download from here:
Please verify the checksums after you download:
SHA256SUM = e2b635dde0ca19771b9dfc0fa6868880457f5f75e115c68c3ef2c4f9809304f1
MD5SUM = 33638423be42706fdd528335c5052ac1
The installation will create "C:\Program Files\OpsDash Smart Agent" (default location, can be overridden) and place the following files:
  • agent.cfg - the agent configuration file.
  • opsdash-agent.exe - the agent itself. This is a Windows Service.
  • README.txt - information about the agent.
  • uninstall.exe - uninstaller.
To get started:
  1. 1.
    Ensure that the system clock on your Windows machine is in sync.
  2. 2.
    Edit the agent.cfg file in an editor (that understands Unix-style line endings) and replace the "YOUR_API_KEY_HERE" with your API key from https://app.opsdash.com/account.
  3. 3.
    Start the windows service called "OpsDash Smart Agent" from the UI, or using a command-line like "net start OpsDashSmartAgent".
You should now be able to see a source appear under https://app.opsdash.com/, with the same name as the hostname of the Windows machine.
The agent will create a log file called agent.log, in the same folder as the executable ("C:\Program Files\OpsDash Smart Agent" by default).
To uninstall the agent, use the "Add/Remove Programs" control panel applet, or run "uninstall.exe" from the installation directory.
Inorder to manually deploy the agent to multiple machines, follow these steps:
  • Place the files agent.cfg and opsdash-agent.exe in a directory. The configuration file will ideally already include the API key, as well as any other changes to the default configuration.
  • Create a windows service using the command line: sc create OpsDashSmartAgent binPath= C:\path\to\opsdash-agent.exe DisplayName="OpsDash Smart Agent" start= auto depend= tcpip
  • Start the service using "net start OpsDashSmartAgent".
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