Quick Start - Other

1) Download the appropriate OpsDash smart agent  .tar.gz tarball for your platform:

# for 64-bit Intel
wget https://packages.rapidloop.com/downloads/opsdash-smart-agent-1.5.amd64.tar.gz

# for 32-bit Intel
wget https://packages.rapidloop.com/downloads/opsdash-smart-agent-1.5.i386.tar.gz

# for armv7
wget https://packages.rapidloop.com/downloads/opsdash-smart-agent-1.5.armhf.tar.gz

2) Unpack the tarball

# replace amd64 with i386 or armhf if required
tar xvf opsdash-smart-agent-1.5.amd64.tar.gz

3) Go to  https://app.opsdash.com/account and copy your API key.

4) Edit the agent configuration and put in the API key:

vim opsdash-smart-agent-1.5-amd64/etc/opsdash/agent.cfg

5) Start the agent (runs in the foreground):

cd opsdash-smart-agent-1.5-amd64  usr/sbin/opsdash-agent -f

6) Go to  https://app.opsdash.com/sources to see your server has appeared there. The agent's log file is at opsdash-smart-agent-1.5-amd64/var/log/opsdash/agent.log in case you need to troubleshoot.