PagerDuty: Managing OpsDash Alerts with PagerDuty
PagerDuty is an enterprise-grade incident management solution that helps you orchestrate the ideal response to create better customer, employee, and business value. You can send your OpsDash alerts to PagerDuty for comprehensive incident management.
It takes only a few minutes to integrate OpsDash and PagerDuty! Just follow these simple steps:
  1. 1.
    Setup a new Service in PagerDuty
  • Click on Configuration >> Services >> Add New Service
  • Name your Service
  • Select OpsDash in the DropDown Menu
  • Click Add Service at the bottom of the page
  • From the next screen, copy the given Integration key. You will need to paste this into OpsDash.
2. Add the PagerDuty Integration Key to OpsDash System Setting
  • Go to the System Settings page in OpsDash.
  • Click expand next to PagerDuty integration
  • Paste the integration key & click update
3. Add PagerDuty to OpsDash Notification Rules
  • Go to the Notifications Page in OpsDash
  • Under Notification Rules click Add Another
  • Select PagerDuty from the dropdown menu
  • Click Add
  • Click Save
4. Test your OpsDash & PagerDuty Integration
Set up a test Alert in OpsDash
  • Set up a test alert in OpsDash: Click any source to open its dashboard. Click any graph. Scroll down and click the metric you want to alert on. Scroll down and add alert thresholds. Add a value that will trigger an alert immediately. Be sure to click save on the tight hand side. You can go back and delete or update the alert thresholds as soon as you have completed your testing.
  • Within a minute or so your alert should be generated in OpsDash. If not, go back and make sure your threshold settings will trigger an alert.
Check to see that your OpsDash Alert appears in PagerDuty as an Incident
  • Once your alert is triggered in OpsDash, go to PagerDuty and click Incidents. Your OpsDash alert should show up as a PagerDuty Incident.
  • If your alert did not show up in PagerDuty, please review the first three steps and make sure you have saved your work along the way.
  • Once you see your OpsDash alert in PagerDuty, you're all set. Congrats! You have successfully integrated OpsDash and PagerDuty.
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